Fish House Stanley Park

The Fish House in Stanley Park was one of our favorite seafood restaurants—and one of my favorite restaurants of all time. Having spent more than a couple of my formative years growing up in Vancouver, I can tell you how good this place was. The Arctic Char with the chipotle hollandaise sauce was my favorite. Or sometimes my group would just split the Mussel Pot app. So good, either way.


The Past and The Future of 8901 Stanley Park Dr

I’m aware of the mini-controversy stirred by people who don’t want a brewpub in their neighborhood, but in terms of who was going to take over the Fish House lease, I can think of a lot worse outcomes for a new tenant than the Stanley Park Brewery.

Then, again, I’m biased. For as much as I loved the Fish House, my friends and I would also meet here right after work to take advantage of the Happy Hour. Full Disclosure: I would frequently order the Stanley Park Brewery Belgian wheat. On the other hand, I have history on my side. The original location of the Stanley Park Brewery was on the shores of the Stanley Park’s Lost Lagoon back in 1897.


The Future of Fish House Stanley Park

As part of our memorializing The Fish House in Stanley Park—and because we no longer live in Vancouver—I thought I’d turn this website into a general review and resource guide for seafood restaurants—and “fish houses” in particular. More specifically, I want to highlight positive experiences, locations, and trends so that more fish house restaurants don’t meet the same fate as The Fish House.

In fact, on that note, I may include a section on Ice Fishing Houses, too, because I had a great time ice fishing. I’d like to learn more about it, and I don’t want it to become a relic of the past. Man, I’m going to miss the Fish House in Stanley Park.

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